My Name is Tejaswini Thirtha.

If you’re on this page, then my revoking thoughts have probably provoked you enough to find out more about me. Well, allow me to introduce myself…

I am a fiery, energetic, independent, outgoing, optimistic, strong, spontaneous, competitive, unbiased, and sentimental woman. If you haven’t guessed it already, I am a true-blue Arien!

I have an undying zest to experience life to the fullest. I love to read, write (duh!), listen to music and watch movies. I’m a huge and hopeless Bollywood and cricket buff. Formula One is another sport that I follow, mainly because I love cars and speed. I also love to travel… explore the world, meet new people, and learn about different cultures and history of a place.

Professionally speaking, I graduated in 2001 and was a journalist for the first eight years of my career. I worked with leading newspapers in Bangalore, Karnataka, covering films, fashion, and theatre. I met some great men and women in the course of my media career. In 2008, I made my foray into the corporate world. I have worked with two corporate giants, taking on multiple roles across marketing and communications streams and working on a wide range of projects including building content strategy for websites and multi-channel applications, designing social media strategies, creating quality content for corporate reports, blogs, events, video scripts, leaders’ speeches and interviews, and CSR.

Today, where everyone has an opinion and a space to share it, the choices we are faced with compel us to pause and think, question our beliefs. And after over 20 years of writing for and about others, and inserting a cautiously sprinkling a few “opinions” here and there, I finally brought myself to create a space of my own.

It Has Always Been Thought Revoking!
There’s a dialogue from one of Amitabh Bacchan’s popular movies: “Duniya ko agar seedha rakhna ho, toh ulte haath istamaal karna chahiye (if you want to keep the world straight, one must use the wrong hand).” The world we live in today forces us to think beyond the obvious, unlearn all the things that stop us from believing in and being ourselves and question the ‘popular’ narrative (or is it “majority”?).

Through the years, I’ve learnt that if your actions and choices are questioned, ridiculed, or criticized, you’re probably doing it right.

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