Raindrops falling from the sky
What do you see, what catches your mind's eye?
Large, dark clouds that spell gloom
Or a bud on the neighbor's window
Eagerly waiting to bloom.
A damp path, damp walls, terraces and roof
Or bright lights illuminating the street
Quietly showing the way
Like a monk, thoughtful yet aloof.
Do you see an empty alley, sans life or soul?
Or families tucked in safe and warm
Creating memories, sharing a hot soup bowl.
Raindrops keep falling from the sky
The gods seem upset and hostile!
But let your spirit beat to the rhythm
Let the sights and smells make your heart smile.
Smile, when you see a shadow hurry across the road
For he has somewhere to be, someone waiting,
A purpose, a destination.
Smile when you see a puddled field
For in a distant town, a thirsty piece of land is ready for cultivation.
Smile, even if the night is somber and starless
When dawn breaks, the sun is sure to bring solace
When raindrops fall from the sky
Let it caress your dreams, wash away your fears
Smile, listen, let it sing you a soothing lullaby.

You Didn’t Start the Fire But… 
'Twas a just another calm February night
Men, women and children slept cosy and tight
In an edifice that stood grand and tall
The pride of the town, one they thought would never fall.
But fate, that night, chose to take a turn so stark
In a murky chamber there ignited a spark
You heard the crackle, saw the smoke, the flame
But you snuggled up under your quilt,
thinking it an event so lame.
The flicker grew into a fire; the dwellers now felt the heat
They woke up to see catastrophe at their feet!
They ran helter-skelter, fearing for dear life
While you suited up and walked out nonchalantly, holding your fife
While women screamed for help, your words were casual, so were your greetings
While men rushed to protect their loved ones, you guarded your paintings.
You taxed the water, held on to the sand;
You taxed the blanket in a frail mother's scarred and trembling hand.
You blamed the passerby, you fought with the neighbours
But you wouldn't call for help, of course,
you didn't want any favours!
The flames engulfed the cold night air
Lads, lasses, Ram, Rahim, Roger or Rustom
It devoured 'em all, it didn't care.
Empty spaces were filling up with pyres.
The town's honour was in ashes.
But you remained distant, your head held high
Can one be so hard-hearted, dear sire,
turning your back on the masses?
You didn't start the fire. Ay, you may be right
But neither will you be hailed on the morrow as our white knight!

Baat Itni Si Hai...
Baat itni si hai, warna baat kuch bhi nahi
Kaali andheri raat ke baad hi ujhla savera hota hai
Soti hui aankhon mein subah ke sapne nahi
Toh woh raat kuch bhi nahi.
Baat itni si hai, warna baat kuch bhi nahi.

Milna bhichadna toh duniya ki reet hai
Kuch pal do pal ke saathi hote hain,
kuch zindagi bhar ke humsafar
Lekin uss ek choti si mulakaat ka afsana nahi bana
toh woh mulakaat kuch bhi nahi.
Baat itni si hai, warna baat kuch bhi nahi.

Life, What Are You?
Life, what you are I'll never know!
Sometimes you want me to take it easy,
Just go with the flow...
At times when I'm stuck, you as that I let go.
When I'm high on you, you caution that I lie low.
In the midst of the darkest of nights,
You show a bright glow;

Right now, I simply playing catch up
Unsure of where you're headed, so
Can you please go slow?
Seriously life, what you are I'll never know.

Strength Is a Good Thing
When everyone's pointing left
and you choose to go right;
When everyone's messing with your head
and you listen to your heart;
When your leg's hurting like hell,
and you stand up tall;
When you walk head-on into an impossible situation
with a twinkle in your eye and your fingers crossed;
When all else fails and you feel lost,
Find that little thing called 'strength'
'Cos strength is a good thing. It's the best of things!

Dil Kya Chahta Hai!
Dil, tu chahta kya hai batade zara
Kuch dhund si chaayi hai tere aas paas
Woh dhund hatade zara;
Waise toh tu mujhse kuch chupata nahi
Zindagi ke iss raaz ko kholde zara;
Manzilein kayi hain, aur raaste nayi
Par kadam kis taraf mudoon, dikhade zara.
Eh dil, tu kya chahta hai batade zara.

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