Review: Thriller lovers will enjoy this one

The Raikar Case, a web series on Voot Select, is an edge-of-the-seat thriller about family, love and skeletons in the closets. The story revolves around the affluent Raikar family, whose youngest son is found dead. The police rule out suicide and when they start investigating the family members, dark secrets slowly start to spill out.

The narration is gripping and compelling no doubt. The audience is never really sure of the culprit or the motive till the very end. But I do have a couple of problems with the writing: 1) The ambiguous ending with no clarity or certainty of a second season. I’m old school and like to see the bad guys suffer the consequences of their actions. So, meh!

2) It beats me as to why writers and makers across the board are still so unsure about how they sketch their women characters. They’re either stupid or negative. We are a lot of other things also you know – smart, knowledgeable, ambitious yet ethical. I am yet to see a “new-age” series that shows a well rounded female protagonist. Why is that so hard? It’s especially irritating when the makers have got the female casting spot on. Parul Gulati and Ashwini Bhave’s performances stand out.

Nonetheless, it’s a good watch with a good mix of suspense and twists.

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