Review: It’s 3 on 3 for Amazon Prime!

Inside Edge, Four More Shots Please! and now, Mirzapur. The second seasons has successfully taken all these productions and story lines to the next level! Like the other two originals, Mirzapur 2 is worth the wait as well. It’s crispier, less noisy, gripping and immersive till it all comes to a head in the finale episode, with a couple of twists of course!

Most will talk about Ali Fazal and Divyenndu’s acting prowess but the performance that stands out for me is Vijay Varma’s. His character calmly and casually creeps into the main narrative. The absolute last-minute realization that he’s a major player in S3 gives the season the edge and viewers a “whoa!” moment. Well done Excel/ Ammijaan!

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