Why can’t I simply want a car?

Kisi ne theek kaha hai, sau sonar ki, ek lohar ki!

Around the world, across professions, ages and sections, women are working hard (understatement) to promote gender equality, trying to discourage sexist comments and messaging in numerous media and platforms. And then, here comes a brand with its set of ads that flushes all efforts down the drain in less than 5secs!

Seriously, Cars 24 had all the opportunity and potential to promote their brand as gender-neutral. Just using women to highlight their features would’ve sent an encouraging msg that we can buy cars on our own. But, but, buuuuutttttt…

I’m sure it’s a bunch of raja betas sitting in their cosy corners thinking: “Idea! Let’s target women. What would they do on our site? I know I know, wish that this UI could be used to find husbands!”

Don’t know how these loud-mouthed women agreed to be part of this. Worse, to think that someone probably got a raise for rolling out this shit!

When will people realise and accept that women too can simply want to buy a car.

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